“I have had the pleasure to work with Ron Stone on a rather complicated transaction. Throughout the process, Ron proved to be exceptionally competent, understanding of the issues on hand, and very pro-active in finding solutions for said issues. I can only express my deep gratitude to him, and I consider anybody who has the chance to work with him, to be the fortunate one because it will be a successful undertaking”. H. Jim Scherber, Owner & Broker, HPS Real Estate Investments, Palm Springs, California.

“Not only was Ron’s initial quote considerably higher than other quotes I received, he took the time to fully understand my situation as well as explain the process of note pricing and selling. He then proceeded to do exactly what he said he would do. Ron earned my trust. I’ll use his service again. Great friendly service and he’s easy to work with.” Jim S., Bloomingdale, GA

“It was a pleasure dealing with your company, communication was great and the support through the process was great. I would recommend Ron and his company to everyone. Thank you. Gerald Turner, Ballinger, TX…… We consider Ron Stone a friend “

“What I liked about working with Ron and his company was he always went the extra mile to be sure I understood all about selling a mortgage note. No one I talked to when I was searching for a good note buyer went to as much trouble to explain note selling and note discounting before I actually decided to sell my note.” Michael S., King City, CA

“I really enjoyed working with Ron. He was available all the time, even on weekends. He always called me back promptly when I missed him. His availability made selling my note much easier. He did what he said he would do and he did it when he said he would. I would highly recommend him and his company.” Jane P., Austin, TX

“When I first called Ron about selling my note, he took plenty of time to explain the note selling process. No one else I called wanted to take the time to make me at ease with selling a note for the first time. Between the superior service and great pricing, I knew I had found the right company/person to sell my note to. I highly recommend Ron and his company.” Mike A., Ophir, CO

“Selling my note was stressful due to my borrowers being difficult. Despite the difficulties they caused, Ron was the consummate professional and hung in there with us until we completed the sale of our note. I plan on using him again on another upcoming note sale. Thanks Ron.” Jim W., Naples FL

Why not give Ron a call to see if he can do for you what he did for these happy customers?