Restaurant Cash Advance Loan

A restaurant cash advance can be a life saver for a restaurant as for restaurants like many businesses, cash flow can be erratic. And sure enough, when cash inflows are low expenses seem to always be up. I think that’s called Murphy’s law. This is particularly true for business expenses like maintenance and equipment and is also often true for inventory when preparing for a significant expected pickup in business. And the restaurant business isn’t an exception to this type situation.

Restaurant cash advanceThat’s where our cash advance for a restaurant program comes into play. Our business cash advances are very fast (usually fund in a day or two) and simple (just fill out a 1 page application and submit it with 3 month’s bank statements). In cases where your business’s sales fluctuate a good bit and you are seeking additional working capital for an upcoming volume increase, it would be beneficial to also include 3 additional month’s bank statements from the same period in the previous year to assist underwriting in evaluating your cash advance request. And lastly, our business cash advances are not credit dependent so while we will pull credit to be sure there aren’t any judgements, bankruptcies, etc. open, we only require a minimum middle credit score for the business owner of 525. If the credit score of the business owner is between 500 and 525, we may can make an exception. Just go ahead and submit everything. There is a good possibility we may surprise you. We surprise businesses often and I mean surprise in a good way. I tell my clients, “I don’t like surprises. I don’t like to receive them and I don’t like to give them.” Although I make exceptions for Good surprises. 🙂

So why not take the simple steps to apply for your restaurant cash advance and submit your information. Call us 7 days a week at 828-380-5422 to receive your application or if you have any questions. Ask for Ron. We look forward to speaking to you.