Bridge Loan Financing

What You Need To Know About Bridge Loan Financing

What are your Bridge loan financing needs?  Are you stuck in a rut and needs a way out.  There are essentially two ways to this kind of financing.  Firstly, you can take it to eventually pay off all other kinds of loans and use the balance for financing.  Secondly, you can take it as a second loan.  Whatever your reason for making application, your financier will be the right person to discuss with you in great detail your financial needs and the best way forward to move before taking out the loan.  Fix an appointment and discuss all the paperwork with him or her in great detail.

Sound advice that anyone making a desire should consider before applying for any form of bridge loan financing is to seek proper advice and do a thorough research on available options. One thing that you need to know that with sound advice and proper research you will be able to repay your loan without unnecessary penalties.  Penalties of any kinds are a bad show and reduce your score which if possible should be avoided at all costs.  Most borrowers make the worst mistake of borrowing from different entities.  This might look effective but in the real sense can be quite dangerous if not handled properly.

If you have financial bridging needs, you need to find a provider that will understand your situation and is not out to wipe out your savings in case of any default.  What you really need to understand that most of these bridge loans come with a higher interest rate.  There is usually 1-2% interest pegged above the ordinary rates. If you find you are okay with this, then go ahead and make your application.  The interesting thing is that with the advent of technology, it only takes a few minutes to make your application.  Once your application has been received, an officer of the lending company will get in touch.


Just as the name suggests, the Bridge loan financing is a short term loan to help the lender find a level ground.  It is normally borrowing for a shorter period of time.  Once you are secure, it is important that you close your borrowing at the end of the agreed period.  It really does not matter whether you are buying a new home, renovating the old one with a commercial rehab loan and simply need money for other uses.  Bridging loan is a sure way of avoiding those embarrassing situations.

Hard Money Commercial Loans

Hard money commercial loans are becoming popular in modern days as compared to some 15 or 20 year back. These are loans that not for every to dick and hurry, simply because it involves large amounts of money ranging even from $100,000,000 to billions of dollars. However, with the advancement in technology and improved economy it is now a dream that most people can achieve. Such heavy loans are usually acquired for huge investments such as technology parks, real estate and so forth. It is also important to note that the interest rates for such loans are quiet high compared to conventional loans.

US funding solutions is one of the financial giants that offer such kind of hard money commercial loans, including commercial real estate rehab loans . Their interest rates range between 11 to 16%. Most people go for this kind of loans mainly for huge business ventures such as setting up a mall or business park. However you can as well apply for the same loan even if the business you are planning is relatively small. Financial companies such as US funding solutions do not have many barriers before issuing such loans hence making it easier for many people to access the loan facility.

It is important for anyone to do some good research before starting to apply for a hard money commercial loan. This is simply because of the risks that come with it. If it is possible, you may want to partner with someone else to acquire this kind of loan. Most financial providers such as US funding solutions usually take their clients through the terms and conditions and advice the accordingly before deciding to give them the loan facility. The final decision whether to take the loan or not entirely depends with the borrower. It is after the mutual agreement between the lender and the borrower that the loan is disbursed on the borrowers account.

Finally, it is true Hard money commercial loans are expensive vis-à-vis conventional loans. However, it is in most cases a viable option for most borrowers. This is because it gives the borrower a large sum of money that will probably give him/her adequate capital to comfortably start their business. As much as conventional loans are considered cheap i.e. in terms of their interest rates, they normally fail to give borrower large sums of money compared to hard money commercial loans. Therefore it is sometimes worth going for such loans in companies like US funding solutions provided you get all the money you require to start a business or buy property.