Short Term Hard Money Loans

Short Term Hard Money LoansShort term hard money loans come quite in handy at all times especially when one is thinking in terms of property whether residential or otherwise. US Funding Solutions is one of the short term hard money lenders that will definitely come to your rescue at your time of need.

There are various advantages to using them instead of the traditional banking financiers that one may be used to. The short term hard money loans have an application process that is simple and the approval or disapproval decision is made faster thus you do not wait around for a long time just to get disapproved. The bank loans also scrutinize a lot of one’s financial information and background uncovering even things we do not want to be known. They dig up one’s income information and also tax returns. US Funding Solutions offers less scrutiny of your personal information.

The short term hard money loans given only require a security of the first mortgage for the property. This ensures that once you apply you are sure to get accepted once you have an existing property. This is contrary to what happens at banks where the rejection rates are quite high.


Short Term Hard Money Loans

For US Funding Solutions the amount of income one earns is not substantial to their loan consideration. Most banks focus on one’s credit information and the income status of the person applying. In our case here they focus on the deal they will be funding. Factors considered are the risk profiles for the investment, the type of loan one is applying for and the loan structure among other details. The costs for making the down payments are also reduced to a minimum to ensure your real estate project flourishes with the funding it requires to be done.

For most banks’ lending is done preferably to those who have steady sources of income and those who have professional titles as they are viewed to have a higher ability to pay back the loan. The short term hard money loans provided by US Funding Solutions also favor the self-employed since their property acts as their security.

As a borrower you are given a chance to be able to focus on the growth of your business instead of spending most of your time seeking funding. The loan programs offered by US Funding Solutions are varied and everyone who qualifies is bound to find something that they can work with.