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Great Pricing - Get Quotes From Others and Then Call Us. For Situations That Fit Our Portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer A Much Higher Price


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Our company is a private mortgage buyer. We purchase residential and commercial notes, trust deeds, land contracts and contract for deeds. We also can help you sell commercial deed of trust and commercial notes. We can provide you with a lump sum cash a your monthly income stream (Closings in as little as 2 weeks) or or a partial purchase of an income stream for a lower discount. This immediate infusion of cash can allow you to:

  • Pay for college tuition
  • Take advantage of a lucrative business or investment opportunity
  • Purchase a new home
  • Pay off debt
  • Estate planning & distributions
  • Or simply to remove the risks and hassles of holding a mortgage note

“Not only was Ron’s initial quote considerably higher than other quotes I received, he took the time to fully understand my situation as well as explain the process of pricing and selling. He then proceeded to do exactly what he said he would do, despite quite a few complications (not his fault) that arose. Ron earned my trust, which isn’t easy to do. I would use him again even if his quote was lower than others. Great friendly service and he’s easy to work with.” Jim S., Bloomingdale, GA

Great Pricing - Get Quotes From Other Buyers and Then Call Us. For Situations That Fit Our Portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer Much Better Pricing





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Private mortgage buyer that will consider income streams on most all residential and commercial properties. A list of types of properties is just below.


Following is a partial list of purchases- Non-Seasoned (in many states after the first payment is made), Partial Note Purchases, business property notes with Trust Deed- Don't hesitate to call with questions.


Single family residences, Duplexes, Condos, Town Homes, Apartment Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Land (either improved or unimproved, meaning no utilities), and Mobile Homes with Land. Sorry but we Do Not purchase notes on Mobile Homes without land. We can however help you if you need to sell a commercial deed of trust and monthly payments.


FAQ's - Private Mortgage Note Buyer

1. What are the advantages of selling an owner financed mortgage? - The two biggest advantages are a) Accessing the cash now for critical investments or expenses and b) Eliminating the hassles of managing the borrower's payments and reporting.

2. What are the criteria for how much I will receive for my income stream? There are 4 main factors. They are: Equity in the property, seasoning (how long the borrower has been paying, the interest rate and lastly the credit of the borrower.

3. Will an appraisal be necessary? Yes, sometimes just a BPO (Realtor valuation).

4. Will you need to check the borrowers credit? Yes, it is a very important factor indetermining the lump sum payment.

5. How long does it typically take to receive my cash? Typically 2 to 3 weeks after we receive your documents.

6. Are you a buyer of mobile home mortgages? Yes, if they include the land.7. Are you commercial note buyers? Yes, call us if you need to sell commercial Deed of Trust and Note.

9. What if I don't know the credit of the borrower? We will quote you an estimated lump sum settlement based on your best guess and adjust (up or down) the final payment after credit is pulled.

10. Do you buy Contract for Deeds? Yes

11. Are you also trust deed buyers? Yes.

12. I would like cash for some payments for some extra cash but am afraid of loosing all the monthly income? Not to worry. We can make a partial purchase of your payments just the amount you need.

13. What is the minimum size you will buy? $25,000.

14. Can I call if I only have questions about selling my mortgage? Absolutely. We are here for you. Check out our Hints page for our suggestions (Free of charge) on managing owner financed notes.

15. We are available 7 days a week for questions

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Great Pricing - Get Quotes From Other Purchasers and Then Call Us. For Situations That Fit Our Portfolio, We Nearly Always Offer A Much Better Pricing



For An Quote Request Click The Link Below

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A little video about Pricing and Discounting


How Discounting Works

If you are interested in selling your monthly real estate payment stream and have done much research, you probably know by now that the industry purchases these at varying discounts. You’re probably wondering what is the discount will be. I'm asked the question of “how much are notes discounted?” quite often. You probably also can’t find such a number anywhere. There is a very good reason for this. It varies. Actually, it varies a lot.

First, every buyer has his or her own set of return targets, some significantly higher than the industry average. Secondly, the actual discount rate on the cash flow is set based on the perceived risk of that particular situation. Third, there is the pure mathematical calculation for the discount. Allow me to explain.

Let’s use a discount rate of 10% to calculate a purchase price of 3 theoretical streams of pmts. Please understand that a 10% discount rate does not mean you take the balance and take 10% off of it for a price. What it means is you use that rate for discounting the future income stream, essentially calculating the net present value of a stream of payments over time. The key thing to remember is the further out you have payments, the larger the discounts will be. Below are the three examples. All assume an original balance of $100,000 and that 2 years of payments have been made.

Note #1 – 8% interest and an amortization period of 15 years. The payment is $955.65. The current balance is $92,505.69. Discounting to the remaining 156 payments, you receive (before closing costs which are handled differently by each purchaser) $83,255.70.

Note #2 – 8% interest and an amortization period of 30 years. The payment is $733.76. The current balance is $98,259.94. Discounting the remaining 336 payments, you receive (before closing costs which are handled differently by each purchaser) $82,634.77. Notice, despite there being a lot more payments, the price is lower.

Note #3 – 6% interest and an amortization period of 30 years. The payment is $599.55. The current balance is $97,468.24. Applying the discount to the remaining 336 payments, you get (before closing costs which are handled differently by each buyer) $67,519.90. That’s a huge difference due simply to the math calculating the discount on the future income stream.

So there you have it, how Note Discounting works. I hope this was helpful.



Need to Sell Your Home NOW?

Allow me to show you 1) How to attract an avalanche of hungry house buyers who Aren't Particularly Price Sensitive, 2) How to qualify them and 3) How to sell them your house and close, all in under 30 days. Oh by the way, With No Realtor© Commission! Call Me Today to learn more about how to end the nightmare of marketing your property in today's horrible real estate market. 1-877-655-5625.

FAQ's - Assisting Property Sellers in Making a Fast Sale of their Home

1. How would your service help me market my property fast? By allowing you to offer "owner Financing" where we buy the income stream after 1 payment has been made, you increase the number of prospective buyers exponentially. This allows you to a.) Receive top dollar for your property without any real estate commissions, b) Eliminate any price cuts to buyers taking advantage of your eagerness to sell and c) Eliminate any credit toward closing costs, so common today.

2. How do I structure the note? We will assist you in structuring the owner financing so you get the most cash when selling your payments.

3. If I cash out my monthly owner financed payments, won't that cost me a lot of money? Before I answer this question, allow me to ask a question. How much will it cost you if you a) Have to pay real estate commissions, cut the price to a perfect credit buyer, give the buyer a credit toward their closing costs and have to pay in interest, taxes, utilities and insurance during a long drawn out marketing period? As you can see, selling your house in this horrible real estate market "the old fashioned way" is quite expensive, not to mention the stress and strain on you and your family.

4. What if what I currently owe the bank is equal to or greater than the value of my home? Unless you have cash to supplement the sale or get approval from your current bank for what is called a "short sale" (the bankco. accepts less than a full payoff), our service is probably not a fit for your situation.

5. Can utilizing your service really help me move my home in 30 days or less? Yes. Advertising "Owner Financing Available" will result in a) A significant increase in hungry residential buyers that are not very price sensitive, b) A process you control and not a bunch of real estate agents and c) No long drawn out loan underwriting process (sometimes multiple applications and prospects). These factors should help you move your property fast or at least significantly faster than the way most home sellers sell their home including competing homes in your area. News Item 03/01/09: New House Sales at All Time Low. For more click on Home Sales



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